Amazing Human Project

Want to send an affordable, personalized gift? We've made it easy.

Whether it's to express gratitude, encouragement, celebration, or a simple reminder, we all enjoy brightening someone's day. We've made it effortless. Personalized gifts that make it easy to be thoughtful are kind of our thing.

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Tell someone they're amazing.

What's included in your personalized gift:

• Vanilla soy wax candle in glass jar and bamboo lid

• 20 color-tip matchsticks in a small glass vial with a cork lid and strike pad on the bottom of the vial

• Your personalized message handwritten on premium thick Amazing Human Project stationery

• Amazing Human Project mailer box with FREE shipping

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Spread joy & share light

Tell the person you’re thinking of they are amazing. Don’t delay. Text them. Call them. Stop by unexpectedly with a pint of ice cream. Or send them an Amazing Human Project gift. And know they will be delighted that someone thinks
they are amazing.

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  • Our Purpose

    To help people feel valued and connected with others.

  • Our Mission

    To make it easier to tell someone they are amazing in an affordable, easy, and beautiful way.

  • Our Vision

    To spread the love. Because we all want to see a little more light in this world.

Illuminate lives with kindness

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