My Story

Dana Eriksson

Hi, I’m Dana, and I have some pretty amazing people in my life. I wanted to let them know, because I don’t think we are reminded of that enough. So I chose 100 people that have had some impact on my life. Some I know deeply. Some have had an impact on me from farther away. I was hoping to spread a little more light in this world. And see if others would want to do the same. 

I had this image of lighting each other’s candles and seeing how that grows. We’ve all been in a room where one candle lights another candle, which lights another candle, and another, and soon the whole room is lit up in incredible candlelight. I wanted to create that kind of experience, even separated by distance. The Amazing Human Project was born.

I hope you like what we are about over here. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Reach out any time to I would be honored to hear from you.